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  • Window Film Pros Registration

Why Support Window Film Pros?

For as long as I have been in the industry, there has been one thing that has remained constant. Consumers, in general, are still relatively uneducated about what window film is and what it can do. No comprehensive program has ever taken place to place non-branded window film information in front of the masses that are unaware. Everyone has talked about a “Got Milk” type of campaign to place window film in front of people. Up until recently, the cost of such a campaign would have been cost prohibitive.

However, with the ways that you can target and reach millions of people using online strategies, this can now be done. I have long wanted to utilize Window Film Pros as the mechanism to accomplish this and now the timing is right. With the skills and expertise that I have in using these platforms, I plan to accomplish two goals with this program.

  • Sharing information on the ways window films can be used to save energy, increase safety, protect furnishings, improve aesthetics, add privacy & enhance comfort in automotive, residential and commercial settings.
  • Connect parties interested in a window film solution with an industry professional that can consult with them on their particular needs and then implement a solution if appropriate.

Watch This Short Video for More Details

What Does the Listing Fee Pay For?

The fees collected from the dealer listings and affiliate sponsorships are used to generate content and push it out to targeted consumers. After content is generated, it will be posted across numerous online platforms and then promoted via online ad buys (At this time primarily with Facebook) in a way that will drive relevant traffic to the website. The goal is to create consumer interest in window film products and then connect them with a local Window Film Pros in their area. This information will be non-branded and not be sales oriented. The primary goal is creating consumer interest and connecting them to someone local they can work with.

What Have We Accomplished?

Since the program inception, we have made hundreds of thousands of impressions with the created content on social media and the website combined. These impressions resulted in over 8000 visitors that clicked through to search for a Window Film Pro in their area. Check out some of the recent posts below. Those four posts alone reached nearly 45,000 people on facebook alone and resulted in over 2400 engagements with the content and 209 shares of the content.

This is how we Educate The Consumer on Window Film!

In 2018, we had nearly 300 Window Film Pros listed. That enabled us to accomplish great things, but the numbers we can reach with this information will continue to grow larger as we have more Pros listed and supporting this consumer awareness program. If that sound like something you would be interested in, the way you can be listed and participate is detailed below.

How Can I Get My Company Listed

Window Film Pros Listing Window Film Pros can support this page and have their shop listed for the remainder of 2019 and up to 4/30/2020 for a cost of only $79.95 per location annually.

Yearly renewals happen beginning in February each year, so the annual fee covers the year from sign-up – 4/30 of the following year. This listing will include the company name, physical address, phone number, email and a link back to their website. Please use the Paypal button below to pay the annual fees. You will be taken to a payment gateway from the managing agency to complete the process.

**After the PayPal Checkout, you must select to go back to the merchant website (this site) to fill out a form with the location listing information.**

Payment will be for and entire program year that runs  though 4/30/2020. Annual renewals will begin in March  each year. Questions about having your company listed? Email us at