Safety & Security Film
Safety and Security Window Film provides a clear barrier of protection that creates an environment of comfort and confidence. These films add an extra safeguard against smash & grab theft, unwanted intrusion and injury / damage from natural disasters. They can also be used in building and construction to meet certain code requirements. Check out the points below to learn more about how you can benefit from these innovative films.


Security window film acts as a physical barrier to slow down and attempted entrance through a glass panel. This can help add a layer of security giving authorities time to respond to a burglary attempt or an unwanted intrusion situation.

Added Safety

While the film will not stop the glass from being broken, it will serve to hold the pieces of the glass together in the event of a break. This will improve safety by not exposing sharp edges that can cause injury.

Prevent Injury from Natural Disasters & Blast

The number of injuries in natural disasters & blast events are often multiplied as a result of flying glass. The ability of this film to hold broken glass together & resist puncture enable it to help prevent injury.

Rectify Non-Complying Glass Situations

Safety & security window films can often be used to upgrade existing glass panels in order to bring non-complying windows up to specified code requirements.

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