Automotive Window Film

Automotive window film not only makes your car stand out in a crowd, it also helps reduce the interior heat, cut distracting glare and block dangerous UV rays. There is a automotive film to fit every vehicle, desired look and expected performance.

Enhance Style & Appearance

Whether you want the elegant look of a light film or the custom look of a darker film, there is no question that nearly any car looks better with automotive window film installed. There are automotive films to fit nearly any style or look desired. *Please note that automotive tint laws vary from State to State. Please familiarize yourself with the laws in your particular area.
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Reduce Interior Heat

Since monitoring these high traffic areas is not a viable option, anti-graffiti protective films are the solution to prevent and maintain graffiti and vandalism. There are different anti-graffiti film options depending on the surface that is needing protection. For example, if a mirror is in need of protection from graffiti and vandalism, a Mirror Shield anti-graffiti film is available. This type of anti-graffiti film mimics a mirror surface which can easily be installed over a mirror helping prevent and cover existing vandalism caused by etching and graffiti.
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Cut Distracting Glare

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At certain times of the day or year, glare can be distracting and even blindingly dangerous. Automotive window film enables you to cut the glare and allow you a better view of the road.

Blocks Dangerous UV Rays

While most of us would not think about spending a significant amount of time in the sun without sunscreen, we expose our skin to dangerous UV rays in our cars each day. While it’s rare to get sunburned through your car windows, harmful ultraviolet (UVA) rays that contribute to premature aging and skin cancer can still reach you. Most automotive window films block 99%+ of harmful UV rays from passing through the glass.

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