Anti-Graffiti Film

Have you gone into a restroom or entered an elevator and wanted to turn around and not use it? It’s becoming more and more common for this type of reaction. Let’s face it, keeping up on cleanliness and combating vandalism is a challenge to say the least.

The most damaged and hardest to keep up are public restrooms in restaurants, bars, gas stations, theaters, shopping centers, transit facilities, and transit transportation.

Graffiti Shield Anti-Graffiti Films

The most common graffiti done are not the traditional spray paint or slap tag stickers but are rather aggressive etching to any and all surfaces. The etching is done by a sharp object that essentially carves into a hard surface. Instruments commonly used are keys, drill bits, sandpaper, and acid. These instruments badly damage surfaces and can be permanent. 

The other troubling fact is that we think this type of vandalism is done only by gang members or troubled youth, but in truth, vandalism is also done by well-to-do individuals who think it’s okay since it’s prevalent in certain areas. It’s typical to see a graffiti mark done and then a rival person or gang cross out the moniker and put their own right next to it.

However, now we see everything from a simple scratch or etching to someone putting their mark on anything they can which can be extremely expensive and take time to replace or repair, if possible.

Glass Shield

Another type of anti-graffiti film is a Glass Shield clear film which is commonly used to protect storefront windows, bus windows, railcar windows, and any other clear glass or polycarbonate surface.

This type of clear anti-graffiti film is available in 4mil, 6mil. A stacked multi-layer version is also available to help reduce labor of installing each piece of film. The multi-layer version usually comes with a peel point system allowing easy removal of each layer as needed revealing a clean surface underneath. 

Protecting the surface from graffiti and vandalism caused by acid etching, sharp objects, wear and tear, hard water and construction damage.

Mirror Shield

Since monitoring these high traffic areas is not a viable option, anti-graffiti protective films are the solution to prevent and maintain graffiti and vandalism. There are different anti-graffiti film options depending on the surface that is needing protection.

For example, if a mirror is in need of protection from graffiti and vandalism, a Mirror Shield anti-graffiti film is available. This type of anti-graffiti film mimics a mirror surface which can easily be installed over a mirror helping prevent and cover existing vandalism caused by etching and graffiti.

Metal Shield

Metal Shield is another type of anti-graffiti film that can be applied to surfaces such as restroom partitions, urinal tops, auto flush sensors, paper towel dispensers, and most metal surfaces.

Metal Shield is a sacrificial film that if vandalized, the film is easily removed and simply replaced. This film can match the look of stainless steel and brushed gold.

You may ask how a simple film can stop vandalism; the truth is it doesn’t. It simply takes the brunt of the vandalism, and when it occurs you must act quickly to remove and replace before the graffiti spreads. Most graffiti spreads due to the “Broken Window Theory” or “Monkey See Monkey Do” mentality.

This means if they see a mark of vandalism, then in their mind it’s okay for them to do one too. The quicker you react, the less chance of spreading.

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