Vehicle Tinting? 5 Great Questions To Ask For Good Results

Vehicle Tinting? 5 Great Questions To Ask For Good Results - Auto Window Tint Information from Window Film Pros

Vehicle Tinting Questions to Ask Before Your Schedule Your Tine Job

Getting vehicle tinting will offer countless benefits that include protecting your skin by blocking UV rays, keeping your car’s interior cooler and reducing glare – just to name a few. However, before you decide to move forward with this vehicle upgrade, ask yourself these five important questions to ensure you are happy with the final result.

  1. Quality Car Tint vs Cheap Tint - What's The Real Difference? - Window Film Pros InformationHow Long Will This Window Tint Last? – The lifetime of window films is dependent on many factors that include the product type and quality selected, the climate, and the amount of direct sunlight your car is exposed to. Discuss your options with a Window Film Pro to make the appropriate selection for your specific situation.
  2. How Long Will The Installation Take? – The process can take anywhere from 45 minutes to a few hours depending on how many windows are being tinted, the installation difficulty of your particular vehicle and the installation process of the shop you select.
  3. Is This Window Film Covered By A Warranty? – Most quality automotive tinting products come with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. However, you should confirm the exact warranty length and stipulations prior to purchasing any film. The Window Film Pro you are working with will be able to discuss this with you and provide you with a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty to review.
  4. Which Type Of Window Tint is Right For Me? – In order to select the best film for your vehicle, you should consult a local Window Film Pro. They offer a wide range of products in a variety of shades and colors, as well as different styles and performance benefits. Understanding your needs and goals will help them suggest products that would be a good fit for your needs. You should also consider reviewing the window tint laws in your State. For a handy tint law directory that gives an overview of the current tint laws, click HERE.
  5. Which Installation Shop Should I Choose? – Never compromise. There are many of companies in your area to choose from. Ensure that you have found the best professional window film installer by comparing customer service, prices, and the quality of products and brands they utilize. You should also ask to see samples of their previous work and the dealer’s overall reputation. Finally, research the reputation of the manufacturer or manufacturers of the window film they offer.

Now that you know what questions to ask, here are some of the benefits of vehicle tinting you can expect to enjoy once the job is done.

  • Vehicle Tinting? 5 Great Questions To Ask For Good Results 2 - Automotive Window Tinting InformationUV Ray Protection: Window tint can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, which can protect your skin, eyes, and interior from damage. UV rays can cause skin cancer, premature aging, and cataracts. They can also fade and damage upholstery, carpet, and other interior materials.
  • Reduced Interior Heat: Window tint can block infrared rays, which are responsible for heat gain in vehicles. This can make your car cooler in the summer and reduce the need to use the air conditioning.
  • Improved Vehicle Comfort: By blocking UV rays and reducing heat gain, window tint can make your car more comfortable to drive in, especially on hot days. It can also reduce eye fatigue caused from glare.
  • Increased Vehicle Privacy: Window tint can make it more difficult for people to see into your car, which can provide privacy and security.
  • Safety Benefits: Window tint can help to hold shattered glass in place in the event of an accident, reducing the risk of injury.


If you would like more information regarding the questions above or to discuss your options on getting vehicle tinting, contact a local Window Film Pro at the button below.

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