New Window Treatments or Window Film? – 5 Factors to Consider

Window Films vs Window Treatments - Which Is Better For You? - Which Is Better For You? - Window Tinting and Window Film Information by Window Film Pros

Are you struggling to decide between installing window treatments or window film, this article is for you. While some of the choice might come down to personal preference, you should compare each product with regard to energy efficiency, glare reduction, UV protection, privacy and safety and security. This article was written to help you make […]

Improve Home Energy Efficiency with House Window Tint

Improve Home Energy Efficiency with House Window Tint - Window Film Pros

The rising cost of energy bills and the discussion about ways to combat climate change have propelled ways to improve home energy efficiency to the forefront of many homeowners’ minds. Consumers are constantly bombarded with an array of “green” technologies promising to transform their homes into eco-friendly havens. Solar panels, geothermal heating, and high-efficiency appliances […]

5 Reasons Decorative Glass Films are Preferred for Privacy & Branding

Decorative Glass Film is the Preferred Choice for Privacy and Branding

The pandemic changed many things and many people are looking for ways to reimagine their commercial space. If you are looking for a creative way to add privacy, company branding or decor to a glass panel in your space while keeping a reasonable budget in mind? Decorative Glass Film is the preferred choice for accomplishing […]

Privacy Window Films – A Deep Dive into 7 Great Benefits

Privacy Window Films for Home and Office Applications

In our increasingly open and exposed world, the desire for privacy in our own homes and workspaces remains paramount. Privacy window films are a versatile and often underestimated solution. They offer a unique blend of functionality and aesthetics, enhancing our living and working environments in many ways. Let’s delve into the diverse benefits this innovative […]

3 Great Reasons Home Window Films Are Something You Need

3 Great Reasons Home Window Film Is Something You Need

Have you ever considered having a window film installed on the windows of your home? Well, whether you have thought about it or never even considered it, we wanted to give you three reasons that you should consider installing quality a home window film today. 3 Reasons You Need Home Window Film 1. Window Film […]