Student Safety is a Priority – Is Your Child’s School Safe?

Student Safety is a Priority - Is Your Child's School Safe? - See how Security Window Films Can Help

With the end of the school year upon us, this is the time when many upgrades to the facilities are tackled. While budgets are certainly an issue many school districts are grappling with, we wanted to share an article about how school security impacts student safety in a cost-effective way. Specifically, how security window film […]

School Safety Vulnerabilities – Retrofit Addresses Weakness

Back to School Safety Vulnerabilities - Window Film Retrofit Addresses Weakness - Security Window Film for School Security and Student Safety

Addressing School Safety Vulnerabilities and Safety Weaknesses As kids head back to school from the holiday break, school safety and what can be done to protect students and staff in a variety of ways is being discussed. While much of the discussion is surrounding COVID, many updates / upgrades also being discussed across the country […]