How to Manage the Sun’s Heat by Using Window Films

How to Manage the Sun’s Heat by Using Window Films

Are you familiar with all the things window films can do to improve and enhance your home or commercial space? While window films aren’t typically thought of as glamorous, these products perform an impressive array of functions. From security to aesthetics, privacy and safety in the event of shattering glass. These are all are jobs that window films do well. However, it is in managing the effects of the sun’s energy that some of window film’s most impressive work gets done.

While heat and light from the sun benefit humankind tremendously, they can also cause damage to skin and property. In addition, it often requires consumption of energy to manage the heat element, mainly in the form of electric kilowatts for cooling. So, how does window film control the effects of heat on the interior of a building?

Rejection of the sun’s heat must be done through reflection, absorption, or a combination of both. The sun’s rays are composed of three types of energy: visible light, and infrared and ultraviolet energy. Depending on the construction of a particular window film, it is possible to allow most or all visible light to pass through the glass while reflecting and/or absorbing most of the heat before it’s felt inside the building. Reflective window films bounce much of the sun’s infrared (IR) rays back into the atmosphere, while non-reflective or dyed films simply absorb or block the IR rays. Controlling the amount of heat  and light that passes through glass by installing window film slows fading of furnishings and carpet, and significantly reduces cooling costs.

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