3 Reasons Home Window Films Are A Great Gift For Your House

Why Home Window Films Are a Great Gift For Homes - 3 Reasons- Home Window Tinting Window Film Pros

Let’s face it, we have all spent more time at home at this past year. In fact, a article at CNBC discussed how much spending habits have changed after the pandemic and how home improvements are one of the top areas that spending is increasing. So, at this time of the year when we exchange gifts, we wanted to share an article on why home window films might be the best gift you can buy to improve your time there.

3 Home Window Films Gifts For You and Your House

Improved Comfort – There are a variety of things that can impact the comfort of your home. One is a consistent temperature throughout the home. To accomplish that, you need to be able to eliminate hot and cold spots. These zones often are located near specific windows in your home. Some window films can be utilized to block excessive heat in the summer and retain heat in the winter. In addition, window films can improve comfort by reducing excessive glare coming through windows at certain times of the day.

Preserved Furnishings – Another way that window film can be a great gift for your home is by helping to preserve your furniture, flooring and furnishings. Most window films block 99% or more of the sun’s damaging UV rays. Because UV rays account for 40% of the reasons furnishings fade, nearly any window film will help increase the longevity of the interior valuables.

Upgraded Privacy and Decor – There are a variety of decorative window films that can be used to increase privacy by making glass panels opaque or frosted where needed. This can be extremely beneficial for bathroom windows or front door sidelight glass. In addition, these decorative window films can also be customized to add decorative elements and designs to glass panels within your home.

These are just a couple ways that residential window films can make a great gift for both you and your home. If you would like more information on these innovative home improvement products, contact one of our Window Film Pros for answers to your questions and to schedule a free, no obligation on-site consultation and estimate.

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