Extend Electric Vehicle Range with Professionally Installed Window Film

Extend Electric / Hybrid Vehicle Range with Automotive Window Film - Window Film Pros - Window Tinting and Window Film Related Information
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Gas prices seem to be creeping higher and more people than ever are opting to purchase an electric or hybrid vehicles. Those are both great options to help save you money, but they can both be made even better. Did you know that by utilizing a heat rejecting automotive window film can help extend electric / hybrid vehicle range? In this brief article we will explain the how and why automotive window film is beneficial in this area.

First, let’s explore one of the primary ways that the battery in an EV or hybrid vehicle gets drained. In addition to powering the vehicle, much of the power from the batteries goes to operating the comfort systems. These would include things like lights, sound system and most importantly, the HVAC system. Depending on the vehicle, use of the air conditioning can reduce range from 9-17%. See estimate graphics from Tesla’s own website below that show range estimate for various cars in their line-up with all things being equal except the use of the HVAC system.

Tesla Model S Range with HVAC Use

increase the range of electric or hybrid vehicles with automotive window film 2

Extend Electric Vehicle Range on Tesla Model S Range Without HVAC Use

increase the range of electric or hybrid vehicles with automotive window film

Now that we have established that running the HVAC does decrease the range of your vehicle, how can window tint help?

Through the use of an automotive window film, solar energy (heat) entering the car through the windows can be reduced significantly. Many modern automotive window films can reduce the heat entering through the glass by over 60%. By reducing the heat entering the vehicle, the need to run the air conditioning to keep the interior comfortable may be reduced. The net result based on the data above is that reducing the use of your air conditioning usage would extend electric vehicle range. Over time, through the extended range and reduced running costs associated with recharging, a professional window tint installation could actually pay for itself.

Hopefully this brief article will help you understand how window tint can help extend electric / hybrid vehicle range. If you would like more information about automotive window film and how they can be implemented into your electric or hybrid vehicle, contact one of our Window Film Pros to schedule a free, no obligation consultation and estimate.

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