Considering Vehicle Window Tinting? Check Out These 5 Great Benefits

Considering Vehicle Window Tinting? Check Out These 5 Great Benefits - Window Film and Window Tint Education and Information

With Summer fast approaching, we wanted to share the five major benefits of vehicle window tinting that were detailed in The NewsWheel online magazine. As the article states, “While many people consider the use of window tint as an application of a cosmetic makeover for their vehicles, window tinting offers plenty of other major benefits worth considering.” So, what are these benefits? We summarized the article for you below.

5 Great Benefits of Vehicle Window Tinting

  1. Quality Car Tint vs Cheap Tint - What's The Real Difference? - Window Film Pros InformationReduced UV Ray Exposure – As we have mentioned in previous articles, window film’s UV blocking properties can have significant health benefits. The article in The NewsWheel continues by saying “Excessive UV ray exposure to the human skin is known to cause a myriad of health issues such as sunburn, premature aging, suppression of the immune system, damage to the skin, and skin cancer.
  2. Increased Privacy – Besides the look of window tint, privacy is often the most typical reason to get vehicle window tint. As mentioned in the article, “This is the most obvious advantage of window tinting. The window film can reject visible light from making its way to the interior, hence making it difficult for prying eyes to see what is beyond the window. On normal circumstances, a car burglar is always motivated to commit a theft when able to see what is inside the car.
  3. Provides a Cool & Comfortable Interior – With Summer heat on the way, we all want to keep the inside of our vehicle cool and comfortable. As the article mentions, vehicle window tinting can offer major benefits in this area. “One major benefit of window tints is that they can reduce the heat in your car. While regular glass windows only filter about 30% of solar heat, a professionally installed window tint can filter more than 80%. The main benefit of heat reduction in your interior is the provision of comfortable and luxuriously cool conditions even during the hot summer period. The other remarkable benefit of a cool interior is that it can save on your fuel economy by lessening the need to use your air conditioning.
  4. Preserves Your Interior – Going along with the some other benefits mentioned, having your interior cooler and protected from UV rays offers additional benefits. As mentioned in The NewsWheel article, the other “benefit of a cool interior is the preservation of the car’s interior. Continuous exposure to excessive heat can lead to the development of cracks in your leather seats and fading of the interior upholstery.
  5. Safety – This is one benefit that many people do not think of when it comes to vehicle window tint, but maybe they should. As the article details, “Tinted windows protect the glass from shattering in case of an accident. The tint film is a laminate, and when applied to the cars` window, it holds the glass window together and provides an entirely sealed unit. In the event of an accident or window breakage, the film holds the glass firmly, preventing it from shattering. Without the tint, the glass can easily shatter and spray flying pieces at occupants.
See the article regarding automotive window tint in its entirety at The NewsWheel by clicking HERE.


Automotive Window Tint InformationVehicle window tinting offers a compelling package of benefits that enhance your driving experience, protect your health and investment, and even contribute to safety. From shielding you from harmful UV rays and prying eyes to keeping your car cool and comfortable, window tint provides a multitude of advantages that go beyond just aesthetics.

By considering the significant health implications of UV exposure, the improved security and privacy, the enhanced comfort and fuel economy, the protection of your car’s interior, and the added safety measure in case of an accident, it’s clear that window tinting offers a worthwhile investment for any vehicle owner.

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